Monthly Archives: November 2011

Comikaze 2011 was a blast


Went to Comikaze 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Dressed as my own character… The FaceMaker. Got tons of pictures taken of me and met some really cool people. Randomly painted people in the crowd. Met the Winner Twins who are the authors of two (soon to be three) award winning sci-fi books and they are only 16 years old. Also got to meet Krag the Barbarian from Walking In Circles. He let me use his huge hammer and I let him use my paint brush. Oh what fun I had!

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Mask class with Marcela Murad – Moma Clown


We are soooo lucky to have had the opportunity to take a class with Marcela Murad – highly successful clown, face painter, creator of the Face and Body Art International Convention and owner of Silly Farm face painting supplies. Plus, oh my goodness, who knows how many awards. Best part of Marcela – she is a wonderful, wonderful person. We learned so much from her. We love you Marcela!

The FaceMakers with Marcela Murad

Jamming with Lilly Walters


We had a great time at the Montclair face painting jam run by the fabulous Lilly Walters. Jams are such a great way to learn about new techniques, meet other incredible face painters and buy, buy, buy some “must have” new paints and glitters.

If you aren’t a face painter but love to get your face painted, we’ll let you in on a secret. Find a face painting jam and go. The artists are looking for faces to paint the most remarkable art on.

We love Lilly and are proud to say she has been one of our special teachers.

Frugal Festival 2011


It was a blast face painting at Bargain Babe’s Frugal Festival 2011.

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There were so many people there learning about discounts, food swaps, couponing and recycling. Thanks Julia for selecting us to be part of this special event. We enjoyed making the kids, adults and vendors happy with face painting magic.