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Backstage at “Wicked”

Backstage at “Wicked”

I had the amazing honor of being invited to shadow the Makeup Supervisor on the National Touring Company of “Wicked” during a performance at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles.

My adventure began with being allowed through the guarded backstage door. My wonderful guide introduced me to EVERYONE. I smiled and waved like I belonged. We then went deep into the dressing area where I watched her turn the actress playing Elphaba from caucasian to green. Then the secrets of the fast hair style changes were revealed.

I saw the monkey heads, the wizard head and the hammerheads. I watched part of the show from the wings. I was wowed by the quick costume changes. And I got to see “Defying Gravity” up close and personal.

But the best part of all, was during the intermission, I got to help touch up the lead’s green makeup. A face painter’s dream!

A glorious and memorable day.

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